Sometimes an image change is no bad thing

Pink hair! And a new hole for earrings. 

Today I decided to do something new (or newish) and highlighted my hair pink. I have had pink hair before, as some of you will know, but since the age of 16 only once for a show. But then I was taking my friend Reuben (The Wife) to have his ears pierced and it seemed like a good time to finally get the second earrings I’ve been talking about for ages (probably also since the age of about 16, actually, I’m clearly regressing).

I’ve been informed (by The Wife) that I look like a cartoon character at the moment, and despite the fact I don’t really know what they are we have concluded that I look like the pink one out of the Powerpuff Girls.

So, voil√†. Pink highlights – check. Piercings – check. Book of Common Prayer – check. I think I’m ready for theological college!