I totally love Rev. I have spent 6 weeks been somewhat hooked on it. It seems to tap into all the anxieties and stresses of being a Christian (never mind trying to be ordained).

There are so many things that just tap into the ordinariness of trying to be nice to people and wondering how on earth it’s possible to be good at all when the odds are stacked against you. How do you manage to keep working for God when there’s no money (to make the world go around) and no one else is interested.

But more than anything else, they’ve created a real person who just happens to be a vicar. Full of prayers, insights, inappropriate thoughts, a slightly irrational need for friends and a nicotine habit. Oh, and some very fetching green and gold vestments…

I have always loved the Vicar of Dibley, but it is outclassed by miles by Rev. My only slight fear is that I might turn out to be more like Nigel than Adam. I quite like the idea of the commandment to keep the sabbath as the most radical. Maybe that’s my years of retail work talking, rather than a theological imperative.

Incidentally, this week’s episode reminded me I haven’t looked at Ship of Fools for a while, and whilst I was on there I came across this, which made me giggle.


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